Many people only know me thru social media. I share Art, sentiments from life, and from time to time I share a piece of myself. I recently meditated on something in this world that I covet as a core value: Truth. The definition being: The quality or state of being true. Sincerity in action, character, and utterance. To me, Truth is the very thing that we should all hold to ourselves. Being true to oneself. Living in one’s Truth.

I spent the past year opening myself up. I have lived many years guarded. Not uncommon for most people. I made new friends and reconnected with old ones. I traveled to places I had never been and allowed myself to swim in the delicious fruits of life. In short, I opened up my heart and allowed life in. In doing so I came to understand myself better. I traveled back to the core of who I am.

 This is Me, my little unique self:

I love to write. I love to play with Fire. I love the way waves feel when they splash up on my feet as I lay on a sandy beach. I live for the sound of the wind flowing thru the trees. The sound of ravens cawing. The dead silence of the first winter snow. The howling of my wolves when they are happy. The chill in the night’s air and the sound of a crackling open fire while camping. I love all animals. And yes, I am guilty of giving love to every dog I see. The smell of fresh baked beer bread. That first taste of coffee in the morning. The first sip of a complex red wine and how it dances about on my tongue. Mmmm. I love passionately and sincerely. I truly believe that when you give your heart to someone that you are giving a piece of your soul and that takes courage. I believe in forgiveness for we are all connected. To harbor ill will against another is to inflict damage upon oneself. I have an opinion, but I do not judge. We are all fighting a battle. On a stormy day I love to walk in the rain then curl up next to a fire drinking something warm and comforting. I love long deep conversations, the kind that make your heart smile. I am a goofball and I love seeing people laugh. I am generous to a fault. I am caring and will always be there for my friends and loved ones. I am not perfect. I have my faults. I have learned to make friends with my demons. I have a few regrets. I wish I could have spent more time with my brother before he died. I wish I could have said goodbye to my father before he passed away. And I wish I could have brought more comfort to my mom while she was still alive. I am on a constant journey to bettering myself.  I am honored to have the friends and loved ones that are close to me in my life. Living life while being true to oneself has been a hard lesson to learn, but it has brought me peace and for this my life is truly blessed.