Bare Naked Beauty

Me, when I was 2. Life was so simple then. Wake up in the morning, crawl out of bed, mom would serve up the most amazing breakfast. Get dressed, play with my toys and venture out into that crazy, unpredictable, awe-inspiring place called The World.

We are all born into this world bare naked. Our flesh and souls are exposed. We are all cut from the same fabric… we are human. Life has a funny way of serving up different realities. No two people are the same.  As we grow up and travel down our own unique paths we learn how to ride out the waves of uncertainty. We embrace the sweetness in life and hold on tightly. We form opinions and apply them accordingly. At times we stray from a path filled with love. We get caught up in the web of Hate and our vision is blurred. Hate comes in many forms: Anger, Cruelty, Greed, Judgement, and Fear. Yes Fear... Fear teaches itself to grow into Hate. We fear for the unknown and that creates walls...Segregation, Separation and Alienation. We are all here living on this planet together. It is very important that we do our very best to show compassion, kindness and love to our fellow mankind. To do anything less is only a strike against our own selves. There are many distractions in life that take hold of our souls and at times walk us down a path of darkness. We get lost, we hurt ourselves and those around us. We are living in trying times. We are All being tested. Some of us will persevere and others will break.

So when you find yourself in a dark place just take yourself back to that day when you were a bare naked baby and the World was waiting to be discovered by the beauty in you.