Compassion, Kindness and being Grateful

Hi there,
Baby its burrrrrr cold out this morning.

Sable, fashioning a sweater. I have never been one to sport my wolves in clothing, but, she seems to be hip on the extra coat of warmth added to her thick coat of fur.

Today is that crazy day that has earned the title “Black Friday”. When mass crowds of people congregate to shopping centers and dive into the bargain shopping frenzy. Holiday shopping season. I am not saying that I have never fell prey to saddling up to a grand deal, because I have. Deals are in this world to be made and to be had. I feel that mankind, at times, can lose perspective of what really matters: Compassion, kindness and being grateful. Having compassion for one another, showing kindness to those close to you including complete strangers and being grateful for all that we have. So, when you contemplate the action of “gifting” perhaps reach out and give the intangible power of compassion, love and gratefulness for they truly warm the heart.