Welcome to Musings of a Dreamer

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been drawn to the sacred, unusual, magical and mystical elements of life. Always feeling and embracing all the things in this world. To me, being human takes a huge amount of courage. To wake up every morning and take on that which is unknown and unforeseen can in itself be a miracle.

So I come here, to my little space. A place where I can open up. A sanctuary where I can share little delights that cross my daily path, my hopes, desires and dreams. Welcome to Musings of a Dreamer.

September 8, 2016

September has always been a special month for me. It is that time of year when the changing of the seasons commence. Slow at first, a trickling down effect of climate temperature and a slight shift of emotions.  That heavy laden wooden door of change opens up to embrace Fall and Winter.  Fashion week screams and the desire to cuddle up in something a bit warmer is ever so present. That first morning when you wake up and you know the leaves will soon start to fall. The dew will change to frost and your toes will be aching for those warm pair of cashmere socks. Daylight will slowly saunter off to the distant past and Darkness will wrap its rich thick coat around you. Morning time will come and it will be that first cup of warm, smooth and ever so satisfying coffee or tea that your senses will beg for.  A moment when one can step back, pause and reflect, reset, reassess and rebuild.

The Beginning of something Beautiful…