Abstract Copper Fold Form Repoussé Cow Skull

I started this piece before I traveled to New Mexico and finally finished it last week. I am looking forward to creating one on a larger scale. This painting will be featured in an Art Gallery in Utah details to unfold in the future.

I am extremely drawn to the Cow Skull. It touches my soul deeply. The following translates part of that soulful connection:

The Cow is symbolically seen as the mother of Sun, the symbol of richness, fertility, and renewal. When seeing the cow skull bone in our waking lives or otherwise it is a symbol of protection from harm. Look closely, as what you fear may be a representation of the unknown. Furthermore the Cow Skull is a symbolic element that evokes complex feelings about nature and the spiritual realm.

I dove into this piece blindfolded. I had no idea that in the end I would have created this beautiful symbol.
To me, the Cow Skull is a sign of powerful transformation. To embrace the unknown and let go. To allow your future to unfold. To embrace the light from within and ride life’s sweet sacred wave.

Painting is 16"x 20" canvas, Copper Fold Form Repousse with selenite infused paint.

Skull PM.jpg