Staurolite...aka Fairy Cross

Recently when I was in New Mexico I was introduced to this beautiful powerful stone; Staurolite aka Fairy Cross. Upon my research I came to a pretty sweet legend. It is as follows:

The legend of the Fairy Cross. It is an old Cherokee legend handed down through almost 2,000 years. The Cherokee had no temples, no shrines, and no idols. The Sun and the Moon and the Stars were the trinity. The lightning and the wind, the thunder and the rain provoked both reverence and fear.
There is a belief among the Cherokee that the crosses had the power to render the owner invisible at will. Some say the stones are a reward for goodness and kindness to all people. The Nunnehi, were immortal spirits who dwelled in the fastness of the mountains. They had their townhouses under the Cherokee mounds and under the hills. They were the spirit people who could make themselves invisible at will after they had come into possession of the tiny fairy crosses.

Staurolite honors the four directions, as above so below, it protects you from the "Evil Eye". This stone connects the physical, etheric and spiritual planes, which in turn promotes communication between them.

Staurolite is useful in relieving stress, eases depression and it negates a tendency to over work and over commit energy. Something we can all use from time to time.

staurolite pm.jpg