Purity Trapped in a Crystal Vault

The Enhydro Crystal is Single & Double Terminated Clear Quartz. The term "Enhydro" means there is fluid, gas or carbon bubbles within the crystal. The fluid can be very old and more than likely very pure.

The "bubbles" were formed millions of years ago when the Quartz was originally formed and they are quite rare to find.
Enhydro crystals bring a synergy of water element and earth element energies. They blend the imagination and the practical, combine creativity with stability. Enhydro Crystals can be an excellent tool for relationship work. Utilize this crystal to enhance empathy towards another, enabling the knowledge of the other person's perspective, and helping progress to occur in the relationship.

Meditating with an Enhydro can bring forth valuable information about ourselves and lessons on how we give up, shut down, are too protective over or too giving of our power. Working with an Enhydro quartz will most definitely bring us back into balance.

I truly believe that right now everyone on this planet could benefit from this powerful healing Crystal.


enhydro crystal.jpg