Moon Magic

Moon Magic
"The Primary Evolution of Emotion
Moon phases 1st, Full and 3rd"

The Moon effects many things around us: Tides, Seasons and the Earth’s rotation. It also effects our mind, body and emotions.
There are eight distinct and traditionally recognized moon phases.
In this first painting I chose the 1st, Full and 3rd phases. To me they are the power houses in the complete monthly moon cycle. They are energy and manifestation based.

1st Quarter is the time when energies are most conductive to attraction. A time to draw things outside of yourself to YOU. A time to take action.

Full is the most powerful of the lunar cycle. The energies are prismatic in that it flows into all areas and needs. The full moon phase is the time for you to be confident in your actions and go through with them.

3rd Quarter is the perfect time to deal with obstacles or leaping over hurtles. This is the completion phase. A time to implement closure, clean up loose ties and prep for the New Moon…new beginnings.

Moon Magic Final 3 phase pm.jpg