The Blades of youth

This morning I awoke to the sun’s rays shining down thru the bedroom window blinds. It sparked a fond distant memory from my childhood. When I was 11 years old I was always building forts. Boxes, blankets and furniture. These were some of the elements that I used to create my little kingdom. I would start first thing in the morning and by lunchtime my mom would be serving up a P&J sandwich to me in my palatial palace. My little brother would try to storm the castle. Sometimes I would grant him a pass and other times I would throw my sweet slice of heaven into total lock down.

My favorite fort was not made of household items. It was made out of blades of grass. Out behind our house there was a vast empty field. In the Springtime I would grab up a blanket and a book and climb over the back fence to begin my adventure. The grasses were tall…Prairie grass, most blades were 5 feet and thick. I would begin burrowing my way ground up creating a long tunnel to a small thick thatched area where I would plop down my blanket and dive into a book. It felt like a grass igloo. The sun would filter thru the blades and the smell was musky. It smelled like spring. Sadly, I only spent one season in my secret grassy fort. The field was bought by a housing development company and my grassy world was torn down. I remember the day when the bulldozer plowed down the vegetation and with it a tiny piece of my heart. The afternoons spent reading “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe while the breeze softly blew thru the grassy blades of my secret little kingdom will always be dear to me.

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