Sable the Wise


With the exception of my travels, every morning this is the first face I see...

My day starts out with a paw to the face and gradually moves into a cup of love. From that point on the morning business commences. E-mails, Media and contemplation towards the day that is unfolding before my eyes.
Usually as I write I talk. I sound out my words before laying them down. It’s at that moment that this little one starts in…tipping her head back and forth. Occasionally she will give me the paw down motion. Paw on arm or laptop. It’s at that moment that I stop and allow myself to rest. To free up my mind from mass media. To be in the now.
Sable and my Art are always a gentle reminder that life really is to be taken in with every passing moment. To be mindful, to reconnect with me, to be blessed for the love and light that flows into my life, to slow down and just BREATHE.

Sable’s got it all figured out…love this little wolfie

Morning talk with Sablepm.jpg