Sacred Sunday Mornings

I haven’t been on this walk in a long time. A beautiful long winding road that takes you up the back side of a mountain. A peaceful creek flowing continuously alongside. The sounds were amazing. The flow of Water and Ravens cawing in the distance. The smell of Cedar trees, Pine and Blossoms. A perfect package of healing and restorative energy. As I made my way up the road I paused all the chatter of life and turned inward. I allowed my heart to speak, something we should all do from time to time. It’s funny, there is a certain kind of beauty that can be found when you silence your mind and allow your heart to speak. Like two old friends reuniting after a long separation. The mind taking its protective guard down and allowing the heart to speak. The heart steps up, it’s fragile, timid and downright scared shitless. It takes a lot of courage for the heart to stand up and shout out to the world all of its feelings. To know no fear…exposing itself and living in its own truth….Love