Pure Serenity

Last night I dreamt that I was traveling down a long winding road high in the mountains. The road was wrapped tightly with beautiful Madrones, Pines and Black Oaks. The sunlight from the day was peeking thru the webbing of trees. As I drove I could see a river raging alongside the road. The mist from the water crashing into the rocks was refreshing. I finally came to the end of the road and my final destination. I could see a cabin in the distance. It was next to the river. There were tall windows and I could see smoke coming out of the chimney. The cabin was small and cozy, nothing over the top. When I walked up to the front door something was tugging at my pocket. I reached inside and discovered that I had the keys. Suddenly, I realized that this cabin was mine. A small slice of heaven nestled in a deep comforting forest opening up its door to welcome me home….pure serenity