Void Connection, in the making

I remember the moment this title came to me. I was standing in front of two canvass, side by side, just staring at them. There was about 4” to 5” inches between the two of them. I had pulled them down and set them in front of the red acrylic paints. The paint behind the canvass in the divide kept distracting me. My eyes kept focusing on the vivid red. Then it hit me. This is the Void in the Connection.  Red, is the color of extremes. It's the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure. Red is Life. The two canvass suddenly transformed into being connected by the Void. The space in between and how the darkness of uncertainty transfers thru our own selves. Are we truly connected? Or is it just an act that we put on to make up for the space in between. The importance of maintaining that connection. The connection to the Divine, the world, grounding oneself and the utmost importance to maintain that one, true, deep relationship. To be mindful of the truth. To always be open and honest to oneself and to others. Keeping the frequency clear.

This is my favorite. It speaks from my core. I am constantly working on myself. To better myself. To try hard and never pass judgement. To always embrace life with love and understanding in my heart. To constantly be mindful, that and the fact that it is the color Red and Red symbolizes Fire and I am all about Fire :-)

This piece is one of 6 pieces that are on exhibit in Northern California at Vintage Wine Bar and Restaurant. The exhibit is a collaborative show. My work, along with the ever so talented Celeste Whites Art, will be up thru August. So, if you are in the area please stop in and check it out!