Stirring up the Soul and going with the flow...

Harvest Moon / Full moon in Pisces

Pisces is the sign of dreams, spirituality, sensitivity, faith, illusion, beliefs, selflessness, and oneness. It is the direct connection to spiritual realms.

Consider what has transpired in your life in the last month and start thinking about how you can integrate any of these developments or insights moving forward. Go deep within and truly listen to your heart. If you have felt lost and displaced this is the time to find your way back…to your own true self. It’s all about water. The cool languid waves crashing about in your life. Time to lift up the anchor. Movement is essential. Stirring up the Soul and going with the flow.

It rained last night. It was so beautiful. The temps cooled down and the smell was intense. What a wonderful way to welcome the Full moon. Yes, I am in love with rocks. Shown here Labradorite and blue quartz crystal with three small clear quartz crystals.

Sending out love, light and blessings on this beautiful day.

Full moon Pisces.jpg