Color Therapy

It’s been awhile since I have written about my dreams. To be honest I stopped dreaming for months, and if I did dream, morning would come and I would have no recollection…until last week. I started using color therapy. Who would think that something so simple would work? Color is like emotion. Every day our bodies take in energy in the form of emotional, physical and visual. We are complex, organic systems constantly processing all that we take in. If the energy that we consume is negative, it effects our internal switchboard and we become unbalanced. In my particular case I had discovered that my Throat Chakra or Vishuddhi had become blocked. I decided to flood my visual field with the color Blue. This is the designated color affiliated with the Throat Chakra. It is designated to calm and heal an unbalanced Throat Chakra and did it ever! I would never have thought in a million years that color therapy would have such a profound effect on me. At night I started staring into a blue lotus for a few minutes before I closed my eyes and my dreams returned. Dreams so deep and real…so beautiful and vivid.

I took time to meditate on Color Therapy and I realized that our bodies already utilize it on a day to day basis. Take a look at your surroundings. Walk thru your home and pay close attention to the colors that you see. Take note on the colors that you have surrounded yourself with. This is your body speaking to you. This is the “visual” medicine that your body is putting into play to heal itself.

The following is a link to Chakra Color Therapy:

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